How you can clean your sewer line?

How you can clean your sewer line?

Mismanagement of a sewer line often leads to frequent clogging, blocked drain, and awful gurgling sounds from the drain. These factors are a clear indication that your sewer line needs a profound cleaning. Usually, this problem arises due to natural factors (tree roots), installation failure (slope alignment), and most importantly due to flushing amiss substances including diapers, feminine products, paper towels, bandages, grease, thick toilet paper, or coffee grounds.These stuffs are more likely to get stuck in the way between your home's sewer line to the city's main line, but the issue can be resolved by a thorough video drain inspection. Additionally, a damaged pipe is mostly a result of invading tree roots causing a sewage backup.

Can you clean the sewer clog on your own?

If you're facing some minor blockage in your faucet, then you need not to call any plumber as you can fix it by yourself. For normal blockages in toilet and kitchen sink you can use a plunger or any eco-friendly drain cleaning equipment.

But if the problem is in your main sewer line, then it’s better not to mess up with it. Instead you should consult drainage repair specialists because they'll use some special methods and techniques like trenchless sewer inspection to identify the main point where the clogging is at its peak. You can reach out to the best sewer cleaning companies just by googling sewer line clearing near me and they will be there at your service.However, if you're determined to clean the sewer line by yourself, you're more likely to miss out the major issues concerning the sewer line. Extensive clog build-up and ignorance of this issue may lead to a severe property damage, which demands a complete sewer replacement, that's why it is advised to have sewer video inspection at least once in a year.

How professionals tackle sewer line problem

When you call a sewer company, they send a team of pipe experts who carry out a deep and thorough inspection of your sewer line using service truck, winches, and cables, etc. However, the specialists use two primary methods:

Power snakes

This method is used for cutting, loosening, and pushing the sludge downright the main sewer line.


It involves a high-pressure water jet that removes a long-term build-up sludge or waste products.